art:. Photoville and a Double Dose of Coffee in Pictures


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

along came containers

Currently at Pier 5 in Brooklyn, New York, there are containers upon containers upon containers in what is Photoville – a photography exhibition occurring at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Upon my first visit, I purposely wandered in and out of many containers with no agenda other than to just enter and exit out of spaces who’s pictures or outside project summaries drew me in.

There are so many images to see, it could feel like a continuous Instagram Feed as you take in photo after photo. But, my eyes did settle on a few images that cause me to slow down, take notes and get as close to the image as I possibly could to take in more of its colors, framing and intention.

Some specific containers I was drawn to were Here in the World: Voices of the Instagram Community, The Everyday Projects, and New Photographers, PDN’s 30 2014, New and Emerging Photographers to Watch.

Carla  Richmond

Carla Richmond

The above photo is from a photographer named Carla Richmond, based in Los Angeles. It on the surface appears to be a simple and normal scene, equipped with a cup of coffee and the activity that a solitary moment like this can create: memory, reflection, meditation. I like the statement that Richmond accompanies with her photo, ‘Rollers’, she says, ‘Work on projects that feel like they’re coming from a genuine place. You see photography in magazines and you think you should eliminate that, but you should have your own stamp and you’ll only find that by pushing through.”

There was another photograph I found which I loved. It was in black and white, a medium I love as well.


Cody Spencer

Cody Spencer

As part of the Head On portrait series, Cody Spencer’s photograph of a woman and a man – she’s holding a coffee cup, that appears to be empty, or gives me the feeling of such.

There is such depth in the space between them and in their expressions which feel like a response to one another although they aren’t shown looking at one another. I’m still digesting this.  The photos is he captions is “from a series about the Greek tradition of forty day mourning period. This photo was taken just after the funeral of my father-in-law. We came home, we laughed, we cried and we remembered.”

Spencer’s last line is the essence of a great photo and coffee as a culture. I’m inspired.