Pop Coffee Culture: A Week of Instagram, Feb 2′ 14

pop [Coffee] Culture:

Alone and together. Coffee and the moments it inhabits masters both of these so brilliantly. Within the world of Instagram, scenes of life become interesting snapshots when coffee pops up in company of a man who has a thing with floors at a coffee shop, to a woman showing some new denim and even part of a congregated throng of things consumed at a cafe in Brooklyn. The beauty is that wherever one finds themselves, its nice to know that coffee can come along too, om Hong Kong, El Salvador, Stockholm, Brooklyn and beyond.

@anton_lombardi has steak and he wants it with coffee,

@burgerrecords4life a couple of guys – Lee and Sean are coffee burger handed, with soda and coffee of course,

@cafegrumpygreen ‘ladies on the patio’ is a view coffee producers and friends in El Salvador at vivagua mill,

@campbrandgoods makes a coffee order full of hyphens, but the jumper and kerosene lamp make up for it,

@clivecoffee curbside at the coffee showroom – yes they exist – gets a dose of canary yellow on wheels,

@felixsaw is in Singapore visiting the clean, minimal lines at Top Deck café,

@hc_ng visits Ethos, and with a capture of its storefront shows how welcoming simplicity is in Hong Kong,

@ronhermanstore shares the story of Alexa Chung’s jeans which comes with a coffee and a bob courtesy of @janehbishop,

@thelocals has a thing with floors at Cafe Saturnus in Stockhom, and with this pattern he’s so allowed.