Pop Coffee Culture: A Week of Instagram, October, 14, 2014

pop[Coffee] Culture:

I’ve been collecting images for a couple of weeks but ran out of time to share them. So this weeks’ represent a couple of weeks worth. As Fall settles in so does the idea of solitude, quiet moments over coffee and with artists at work. From Paris, Miami, Milan to New York, the images all are here.

@aguynamedpatrick orders a cortado in Paris which arrives in an attractive shade of yellow,

@animalvintage gives a peak into of vintage coffee culture in North Miami,

@cabelltice partakes in a coffee cupping in Astoria, Oregon,

@andykate’s flowers and florals remind one of the classic ritual of tea time while in Milan

@christopherpoindexter’s portrait of himself, Christopher Poindexter at work, with coffee feels like a poetry galaxy all his own,

@thecoveteur has fun with a take on the popular coffee antecedent, ‘But first’,

@lornaluxe created a emulative spread of Porter, pancakes and coffee,

@wanelo makes rubber gloves look glam for National Coffee Day: handle with care,

@yagazieemezi reminds one of the call for solitude with self: hail the cup and that mane of hair.

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