Pop Coffee Culture: A Week of Instagram [6.28]



Summer announces its presence with blankets on the grass, ice in everything, colors flying everywhere to bikes resting on concrete and panel glass. This week, life out of doors is where the culture is. Away, lets go.

@baristaparlor: because coffee is cool,

@beyondmeek: park life includes coffee and kin-folk,

@eligoesaround: every great coffee date needs a little orange pop,

@honorcoffee: makes the NYC hustle beautiful with @tiffaniecheng’s coffee for one.

@lotta_206:  breakfast. The end.

@karen.lao:  lets underscore the everything on this,

@punodostres: “every good shop has coffee and tea in Berlin.”

@stumptowncoffee: ’tis the season for espresso tonics.

@voelkswaggin:  a micro-roastery grows in Broken Arrow Oklahoma @hootowlcoffee


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