PopCoffeeCulture:. A Week of Instagram [4.15]



Things are warming up.

pop [coffee] culture travels to a Brooklyn rooftop, across a crossword puzzle, inside the intimacy of home and in pursuit of palms and spring. Is a #coffeemance in the air? Away… let’s go!

@95rpmcoffee a coffee rooftop is in flight on a Brooklyn afternoon,

@isabella.sim It’s spring and YES to coffee dates with florals.

@kristinmckee  A square and a cup at a time is easy does it on a Sunday,

@lestyle Can coffee and music be more consciously coupled by @audressing with @baronspapillom?

@on_abbotkinney when at the Ace and in Palm Springs hold the wall, with coffee,

@optikpop went back for a second cuppa just to get this light. Worth it!

@ryanluvsrih reading at the coffee shop is a convincing argument,

@saylormag’s @wodboi share could caption this ‘The King Cup and I’,

@unpretentiouscoffee invited some friends over to meet someone special: his chemex.


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