portland pilgrimage : lump sum | Day 4

Today, I woke up. Slept longer. Tweeted. Walked to the bus. Missed the bus. Saw a cool vintage truck. Caught the next bus. Missed my stop. Arrived ten blocks too far from meeting a friend. Walked fast. Fell Twice. Made it to Albina Press. Geeked on coffee with a twitter friend in-person outside. He called me  –m-d-l-r. We exchanged real names. He’s Luis. He leaves. I go inside. I swoon.  I ordered a Stumptown soy latte. I swoon again.  I admired my mug initials (S.L). Get it?  I coffice. People watch. Hear a new band. See baristas take a smoke break. Take the SE Hawthorne bus. Go across my first bridge (Hawthorne). Met a friend for lunch. See the city from the 7th floor of 1st and Main. Took a bus back to SE Hawthorne. I had pizza. But, I’m allergic to gluten. Oops.I put my feet up. I watched a girl have pizza. Saw a parasol in motion. Viewed a couple move a couch in the middle of the afternoon! Observed people wait for the bus. Visited my second Powell’s. A creatively written J.D.Salinger book description captured me. I liked the description. I wanted to buy a book; but had no room to pack it. I cofficed again at Fresh Cup. Thanks Luis. I ordered a soy chai. Its spic. I dig it. I heard reggae music playing. I asked for the name, the barista offered it to me. I dig it too! I walked SE Hawthorne. I go home.Then, I had some quiet time. Then, I listened to Bon Iver. I mused… if  leave Portland it has to be by a forced  emergency exit. Solution: I’ll make a yearly Portland pilgrimage. My self said, “deal.”

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