film:. Preston Smiles, The Cafe + Synchronicity

PrestonSmiles.coffeetographyI can timestamp knowing Preston for almost two years now, but I swear I’ve him known him all my life. On the same day, one week apart, he popped up in two of the coffee shops I was in, in two different parts of L.A. – Paper or Plastik and Intelligentsia Silver Lake. There are no coincidences.

I’ve featured him here as a regular for coffeetography so you’ve might have seen him, i I called him, ‘the living regular.’

However, he just posted a backyard video about synchronicity. I’m sharing it with you because he has this really profound experience of exchange and energy, of course at the coffee shop.

I use to think that these things only happened to me, these kinds of experiences, these kinds of all the ‘wrong’ things happening that are actually the ‘right’ things. We are magic, the coffee shop is magic. His experience, is all our experiences. Click play, watch and be inspired. And, even more, I challenge you to bring in some synchronicity of your own. It’s all around us. #cupUP

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