quoted:. “what they said”, Big Eastern [Day 1]

What would a barista competition be, if baristas didn’t expound in words on the character and craft of their coffee? It would be a competition that would not incite one to capture its words, write them down and remember them for another time. On the contrary, during the Big Eastern baristas did expound on coffee and there words were captured. Below, some memorable quotes from day one.

“I dreamed about it,”  @DawnShanks  on the use of her paintbrush.

“I’m bringing comfort to the table.” Andrew @JubalaCoffee

“We’re going to get personal with our beverage.” @jennforgivn @SolaCoffee

“You can use cappuccinos to help make a customers bad day, really good.” as @JonathenLewd  @GimmeCoffee

“Coffee stores good for future use,to benefit man.”  Tery Honeyghan of @peregrinedc#quote

“Coffee is one of those things that you just get to enjoy.” Seth Cook @NorthsideSocial

“My favorite places to drink coffee are where there are a lot of perspectives – lot of people.” @WC_Reed of @JoeBeanRoasters

“For me it was time to try something new.” Jesus Gomez @baristaego

“My favorite part of coffee is sharing with people.” @YesNoMaeby of @SwingsCoffe

“In coffee you can combine science with a lovely act of creativity.”-f @Jonom5 @1000HillsCoffee

“The intersection of coffee and dairy is what a cappuccino is.” this_is_JennaG @NohoCoffee

“I’m here to progress and preserve the ritual and tradition of espresso.” Jenna @this_is_JennaG of Northampton Coffee.

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