quoted:. “what they said” Big Eastern [ Day 2 + 3 ]

What would a barista competition be, if baristas didn’t expound in words on the character and craft of their coffee? It would be a competition that would not incite one to capture its words,  write them down and remember them for another time. On the contrary, during the Big Eastern baristas did expound on coffee and there words were captured. Below, are some memorable quotes from day two and three.

“Since I work around prepared foods, sometimes coffee is an afterthought, but it ought to be inclusive,” Everette of @GatherNY

“Espresso is the best expression of texture in coffee.” Josh Bonanno, @BuddyBrewCoffee

“I love the idea of using ingredients from the same regions that coffee is grown.” @milamos @panthercoffee

“Coffee is a vehicle for flavor.” @milamos @panthercoffee

“Coffee is one of the simple joys we get to experience.” Hadaassah Wilson

“The combination of milk and coffee is really familiar.” @bpgel @reanimatorphila

“Trust can make coffee taste better.” @jparkbrannen @counterculture

“What inspires you?” @sexyfoam “Really, the espresso.” Justin @EqExCoop

“How much does music play into your presentation?” @sexyfoam “A ton,” @nateners @fiveandten

“Its hard not to love coffee.” @matt_bryce @peregrinedc

‘What brought you to compete,” asked @sexyfoam. “I love coffee,” @BobbiJoVandal @pavementcoffee

“[This] coffee sang to me.” Corey Reilly @Cor_Rei of @EverymanNY

“I’m comfortable admitting that there’s a lot of things that I don’t know about coffee.”  @marcushundley @7starsbakery

“So What does coffee taste like? Coffee tastes like coffee.” Tamara @IrvingFarm

‘We’re in the business of experiences.”  Tim Jones @JubalaCoffee

See Day One here. 

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