coffee.: Quotes and Coffee, Coffee Champs Day 1, Denver, Colorado

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“Don’t fear the foam,”  Dan Durakovich, Love Coffee Bar, Santa Monica, CA

“We don’t have to look for the next big thing, we have everything we need,” Nicole Rochon. Presta Coffee Roasters  Tuscon, Arizona

“I’m here to serve you coffee, not to just hand it off, ” Whiten Hagermann.  East Pole Coffee, Atlanta, Georgia

“There’s trials and tribulations. You’ll have stumbles, but its most important to get up and serve coffee with pride, because we love what we do,” Mike Cannon.  Nomad PNW. Wilkeson, WA

“The coffee business is the people’s business,” Justin Duren. Three Story Coffee, Jefferson City, Missouri

“The best coffees we taste are the ones that we can connect with flavors we’ve had before.” Morgan Eckroth, Tried and True Coffee,  Corvallis, Oregon

“Water is the foundation of everything as we know it,” Bryan Norris, B-No.  Slate Coffee, Seattle, WA

“If I don’t make a drink approachable, a customer won’t come back to the cafe,” Allison Schwartz. The Morning Times. Raleigh, North Carolina

“If we can measure things, we can manage them,” Maxwell Mooney.  Narrative Coffee Co. Everett, WA 

“Coffee is all about transformation. It’s about transitive verbs, transaction and transcendence of experience,” Cassie Ash. Small Planes DC, Washington, DC 

“Excellence can be found in a variety of options, not just in a single approach.” Heather McCullough, Novo Coffee, Denver, Colorado 

“We often say the sum is greater than its part, but for coffee it’s not just what we add, but what we remove,” Hana Kaneshige.  Counter Culture

“To deliver on the promise of specialty coffee, I’ve had to fail many times.” Douglas Park,  The Independent.