RayBan’s Never Hide Campaign Puts Coffee in the Open

coffee in the wayfarer open


Leave it to the world of advertising to teach us how synonymous the lifestyle of a sartorial world is with that of the culture of coffee. For RayBan’s Never Hide campaign, its created a series of images, showing on billboards and in print magazines like August’s Interview Magazine, with one such being of a woman, wearing a T-shirt saying ‘I’m an ex-Convict.”

However, its what she’s carrying that has this culture’s attention, one white coffee cup as she navigates pedestrian traffic. Have we not all seen this scene before, or even perhaps, been her as we make our way to a destination? This is transparent. Might we also say, this is one way that coffee, as a culture makes it way into the lifestyle of a people.

Let’s just hope that her ex-convict status has nothing to do with the consummation of the beverage itself. cde