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Who draws comic strips by hand in the middle of the week, during the middle of the day? Meet Darryl.

He’s been a regular here since they opened. When I ask him about his inspiration he begins to split his time between giving me consistent eye contact and exercising his faber-castel pencil to darken sketched lines.

He tells me, “Mark making is magic. Looking is an active investigation; many artists fail to see.” Whoa! He continues, “comics need to have tangible themes versus abstract actions designated to human beings.” I release an inward chuckle as I realize I’ve found one of the most unassuming and interesting individuals to sit beside.

Then, our exchange gets better as he says things like, “eating in groups is an evolutionary compromise” and “I’m the worse eater in the history of food.” Is he serious? Or, I wonder, has he also just drawn these conclusions about himself?

Read more of his comic insights here.

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