review : coffee&art

what an agreeable feeling to walk into a space and it feel like home. so consider this your alternative abode away from your physical address. it’s a pit stop on your way to work, a locals hangout, a late afternoon coffee bar and a hotbed of community talent. local artists like Marc Richmond and Candace Van Assche often make a cameo on their walls. aspiring artists looking to get their work exhibited can contact them via email or stop in and drop off their card.

beans are sourced locally and delivered bi-weekly from local North Park roaster, Caffe Calabria. you can find all the traditional drinks here but if you’re inclined to try something new go for the Vienese or Black Magic. the latter is a drink made popular by barman wanting a pick-me-up during their late night shifts. and, if the measure of a good espresso is an owner taking a 20 min drive down to his own shop even on the day that its closed, then this is a place to have ounces of ristretto. “we make sure we understand what our clients are ordering,” said Wayne as he sips his standard latte with a straw.

while there is a demonstrative bar setting upon entering, it doesn’t stifle your ability to order and partake of their full breakfast and lunch menu. there are small sized treats from cookies and bars and muffins right upon the counter for quick bites. the acia bowls and fruit smoothies are quite popular in this ocean front town. ask for a menu combination or create your own, these guys aim to please.

via bar, window stool or patio seating there’s options of plenty to sip leisurely or surf wireless-ly or by plug. while minimal plugs exist because of the proportion of the space, the owners that be welcome day workers to linger for elongated times. however you choose count on pleasant fresh air breezes spring, summer and fall and a nice look-thru glass for winter. this is a place where people “come and leave and come back,” said Wayne.