review : sweetleaflic

“We’re blessed by coffee,” says Rich. Thus, taking the time to venture the trains to get here is worth the trip for the caffeinated healing. This place feels like you want it to be your other home away from home. Of course, the building is older than anyone that will walk into it. Its well lived in; the leather chairs in the front living room look as if they have memory retention from the innumerable people that have sat before you.

The record room in the back is a mix of punk and pretty. There’s a looking mirror, a lookout window and look real close at t he laminated bench of music greats you’ll see some pictures of Rich and Freddy in their younger days. Whether you’re admiring the accents to this wall-papered, spinning vinyl or lounging openly in the front or in seclusion in back, your experience will be like a throw to a couch, just right.

When the duo was told that there wasn’t a formula to the subjective process of creating quality coffee, it was all the motivation that Rich needed to create an equation that would work. “We use science to our favor, we aren’t looking for an anomaly” says Rich.

And that folks, is why you can expect consistent greatness on bar and barista independent of the individual. Whether the roast is from the two offered – Stumptown or Verve – it’s a win-win. This is a place where you put fear aside and try something new; an espresso shot just because, the local favorite rocket fuel instead of a traditional latte or be bold and go for a drip brew or a pour-over via Hario V60.

But, if you decide to go for a standard drink, because this team is obsessed with the details they’ll deliver greatness from grind to cup every time. “We have to be good today, tomorrow and the next day,” said Rich.

All the treats are baked by a previous local in the neighborhood. From muffins to scones and gluten-free brownies there’s the menu of asides to coffee that make for an ideal compliment to your drink of choice. You’ll also find interesting combinations – sweet and savory – that will perk your interest. There’s five cookies in rotation including an almond chew as well as homemade cakes and pies upon special order.

And, if for some chance, you a bit short on cash, the crew has a little black credit book. In exchange for becoming a line item on an, “I owe you list,” you can feel free to pay up the next time.

Before Sweetleaf expanded in the fall of 2010, they only occupied the space that is now the computer room and kitchen. You’re welcomed to warm one of the swivel wood chairs for as long as a plug-less laptop will allow, but, please mind the signs.

This is the only room, where computers are allowed. While Sweetleaf supports day-workers and cofficers wanting a view beside the confines of their home they are avid on being first and foremost a coffee shop. “I’m sorry for not having a fax, copy machine and outlets,” says Rich. “We want to meet your needs, but we’re not an office.”