Ritual Union, Gucci’s Magical Realism includes Coffee.

cup to Gucci

a coffee cup appears in the Gucci Ritual campaign. the culture loves this pairing.

image via Gucci.com

According to Alessandro Michelle, creative director of Gucci, The Ritual fashion show presenting the brans’ Fall Winter 2020 Collection, “surrendered to the idea that beauty can appear, unpredictably and wonderfully imperfect, through the absence of control.” 

Empowering the models to wear the collection in their homes and thus be their own image makers and storytellers, admits the stay at home orders for many around the world, resulted in images at home that spoke to the everyday moments that any of us could find ourselves in. From our bathrooms, hallways, rooftops and even to our sitting rooms, onlookers could find where a ritual of their own coincided with Gucci’s. 

Enter one white ceramic coffee cup which a model has raised to her lips, perhaps for the moments before she conquers the day, wearing Gucci’s Jackie 1961 hobo bag, after the year that John F Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president. 

Maybe coffee is needed for mornings of presidential years, like this one, when a cup of balanced black might just be what the ritual orders to make it through 2020.