Lifestyle | ‘Come a Little Closer’, A Photo Essay


all is, as you see

Come a little closer.

There’s a certain kind of warmth to windows rolled to their zenith while driving on a highway. And, there’s a certain kind of cool, to windows released from that same peak allowing winds rough and gentle. At times, crisp, at times sharp – piercing not just the face but also the mind, freeing it of all that it thought it had to previously concern itself with.

On an unexpected, but welcomed road-trip from San Francisco Bay to my beloved Los Angeles, I experience space that felt like I was riding in an empty airplane, one not in the sky, but on the high inducing Interstate 1.

As the sun is the sun every day and a road is its road every day, the simplicity of being in a car moving South, punctuated by pit stops at specialty coffee stops, were as much a vista point as the Interstate’s scenes.

Thankfully, gone are the days when coffee supplied at standard pit stops satisfied the function of necessary caffeinating. Now, coffee stops are as much icons, yes beacons of an experience to dot a travellers map and worthy of an elongated visit. From educational typography, minimalist design, subliminal messages to the Pacific Ocean itself, so it was, that a few such spaces became a highlight among the many bays and west coast barometers that brought me to the land of Los Angeles, my home.

c, xoCo