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Adrian Gaut ‘Wilshire’

When I think of Saturdays, it includes sitting in an open airy space, leafing through books, loitering with new prints and co-mingling with new friends – over coffee with milk, preferably. What better time to Saturdaze than at Saturdays Surf in New York with its new issue #004 and this monochromatic print honoring Los Angeles.

Thoughts of Note

  • Saturdays is a coffee shop, a magazine and a lifestyle.
  • This is Saturdays Surf NYC fourth digital edition and it was printed in Iceland
  • ‘Wilshire Boulevard is the name of Adrian Gaut’s series honoring the buildings of Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles
  •  Gaut signed 100 silk screend prints 24 x 36 sold exclusively at Saturdays
  • You can buy issue 004 which also includes Gaut’s work.


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