September, Nine Reasons to Fall For Coffee + Culture

nine reasons to fall for fall in september,

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“Look the leaves are changing.” Coco Chanel 
However, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing this September. Neighborhood blocks are getting new shops, existing ones re-open with new motifs and menus,  late night hosts col’ brewin’ – can we call that a verb Colbert? – to 129 cups of coffee on a road trip, theres lots to fall in love with.


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September 1, COFFEE SHOP Opening, On September 1, The Santa Cruz based Verve Coffee Roasters opened in West Hollywood, California. There is of course, the business of copper to talk about, a design detail all throughout its inner and outer doors,  a current seasonal espresso that tasted like sugarplum and ripened apricot. Have a seat at the two-seater booth, on the front sitting patio or the steps in the outer patio and enjoy a varied experience within one location.

The shirts you’ll see worn by its baristas, with the little type running in conjunction with Verve Coffee along the left side is by Faircloth & Supply – every shirt purchased sends a girl in Nepal to a school for year, buys her two school uniforms and supplies. Note: They’re sold out at the Melrose location a l r e a d y.


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September 1, ART:  A new art show at Santa Monica’s Caffe Luxxe takes guests on a celebratory ride through Europe with a wall takeover by one of the stores very own, owners. This is the kind of artistic nepotism this culture can favor.

stumptown-col-brew-stephen-colbert-September 8, 11:35 p.m. EST | FILM + TV If you’re reading this you’re not too late or left out of the  cold brew. Stephen Colbert and Stumptown Coffee Roasters join up for the formers inaugural run on CBS’ The Late Show with a branded Cold Brew. That sure is one cool way to stump right into a Hollywood late night tradition, don’t you think? #allnighter


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On September 10th, FASHION, New York: A week to the starter of weeks, New York Fashion Week kicks off. Coffee cups will hit the streets pre and post the dozen of runway shows happening over the next seven days. Of note, is Jordana Warmflesh of Novis who takes a cue of inspiration from twentieth century Art Deco ceramist, Clarice Cliff for its Spring/Summer ’16 collecction.  With more than 100 specialty coffee shops in New York having an artsy demitasse shouldn’t be too hard to find.



Beirut’s ‘Gibraltar’ from LP ‘No, No,No’

On September, 11th, MUSIC, World:American band Beirut releases their fifth album ‘No, No, No,’ their album which holds the signature single Gibraltar, also a coffee drink coined by

Blue Bottle Roasters. where its members find themselves on the rock. Read more about why we’re saying Yes, Yes, Yes.




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Through September 14, Can’t coffee go everywhere? It sure is popular enough to and Populace Coffee seems to agree. With a kicked off campaign on Kickstarter, it aims to publish brewing guides, called Habitual – showing all how to make coffee anywhere. The culture is thinking now about coffee on a mountain, on the road, on the beach. For the Back em.





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September 19th DESIGN, Paris, Holy Cow is quite the appropriate expression for when a fledgling café decides to close its doors because while on the one hand it could be satisfied with its success, its not. Holy Belly returns with newness galore – menu, stove, design and of course, we imagine a whole crop of new coffees too. #bellyup



AFAR Magazine Cover

AFAR Magazine Cover

Its fall’s first official day in the U.S. While you’re thinking of falling leaves, pumpkin everything and getaways only this season can inspire, a read and then a secured spot on the coffee table is where the September/October issue of AFAR should be placed. From its editors discussing cortados to cappuccinos and the man from Lithuania who consumed 129 cups of coffee on his first north american road trip, there’s tons, thankfully, to cozy up to with a nice cup of something warm, however you like, tea, coffee, black, with sugar and/or cream. #pageturner


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September 29th | International National COFFEE Day, Coffee is quite the celebrity, known the world over for inciting a myriad of human interactions – its historic journey form its birthplace in Africa to touching the grounds of many a civilization over hundreds of years makes its sourcing all the way to our humble cups one worthy of recognition. Drink ethically and responsibly today, friends.



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