film ‘Set in the Streets’ x Tribeca Film Fest




lets watch

You walk into a scene, it feels cinematic; the mood of the lights, the music from somewhere you cant perceive just yet and a cast of characters, not casted, yet playing themselves making all the elements just right – too right maybe. Is it art imitating life, life imitating art? How about both? This is why film is so important in this space to coffee culture – its that touch, be it in a physical space or within the hand that creates a moment in a scene where the cinematic happens echoing real life, or close to it.

Justin Bettman of Set in the Streets,” transforms New York City sidewalks into photo shoot-ready vignettes — actors, costumes, and all — then leaves the awe-inspiring remains to be re-appropriated by random passersby (see: ever-trending Instagram #SetInTheStreet) and literally re-claimed, object by object, until there’s nothing left.” Tribeca.Tribeca Film Fest

Thus, sharing it here in its entirety of  one minute, twenty nine seconds, is to give visuals to that slice of life which can occurs how coffee culture plays an imitable role.

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