The Six Coffee Lines You Need To Read Now. February 22, 2017

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Cortado at The Playground, Bedstuy, Brookyn

She took a sip of iced coffee, a routine unaffected by the 38-degree weather. I know its weird, she said. “I don’t mind hot coffee, but this feels like a refreshing beverage,” Laura Brown. New York Times x New. York.

“We wanted to find a neighborhood where people are more in “work mode” so we could bring some of that New York speed to the coffee service.’ Barista Magazine x Miami

“As soon as he started sounding like a sensible coffeeshop artist though, the Grammy acclaim rolled in.” Mic.Com

I’m too busy fawning over the Ashish-designed cups to finish my coffee before the security guards confiscate it from me for trying to sneak it into the Marta Jakubowski show. The Debrief x UK

“The biggest immediate change for Bird Rock will be adding Ecuador and Brazil coffees for the first time, tapping relationships developed by PT’s, which was established in 1993 and operates a couple of cafés in the Midwest.”   San Diego Reader x San Diego, CA.

“Stridsberg said that several well-known roasters and coffee bars have adopted the Hispter in the U.S., including the rapidly-expanding international Danish chain Joe & the Juice, which has committed to installing Hipsters on all future counters.” Daily Coffee News x Sweden