The Six Lines You Need To Read Now. February 9, 2017

look who’s talking


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“Amidst the beautiful homes of this historic district, you’ll find specialty coffee and magazine shop Downtown Subscription.”   Life and Thyme

“When the male driver spills his coffee, WeatherTech is immediately notified back at their home-base, which looks like a secret spy lair.” Hollywood Life

“Of course Young played it coy, hilariously revealing it comes from “a bad breakup,” while talking about his partnership with Folgers Coffee.”

But what Flo Fab did not mention is that the new shop produces an $18 cup of coffee — yes, you read that right. That means NYC officially has the country beat in highest coffee price.

“I’m young and I’m female but I’m not getting your coffee.Forbes

“The tea drinker actually died first, at a whopping 83 years old, while the coffee-drinking twin continued to live.” VinePair