Lets Celebrate! II



As you’ve heard, today is smdlr’s two-year anniversary. How shall you and I celebrate?

First, all I ask is that you celebrate by supporting your local, independent coffee shop as  will I.  When you enter that space, whether you have coffee or tea, look at walled art, bob to music, have a random conversation or meet someone new, I encourage you in the spirit of community and culture to document it some way. As you do, share the love; talk about it; Tweet it; Instagram it; Facebook it; and, or however else you want to do it. If you hashtag #coffeetographer on any above the platforms, I’ll be sure and see it and spread the love even further.

Second, if you follow smdlr’s twitter feed this is what you’ll see today. Every hour starting at noon EST, I’ll be doing a recap, just like last year of smdlr’s most memorable moments from year two prefaced by “anniversary tweet.”

With over 200 posts during year two on smdlr alone the task was a challenge, but one, like last years’ that was at first complex, then simple – I still chose what revolutionized smdlr and I. Long Live Us! cde