smdlr + onli x Coffee Crazy





Three months ago, I took up the challenge of letting the culture that coffee inspires, inspire me in a more personal way. With the help of a very special friend and being, I entered into the artistic world of blind contouring. Three months in, I’m still finding and drawing my way, and the way has been a wonderful one. I’ve met so many ingenious and open-hearted people, as I usually do in the space of coffee culture and beyond, who’ve allowed me to create in front of them. It is my UBER pleasure to announce that Onli Beverages will be sponsoring my appearance as ‘coffeetographer x contour’ on December 3rd at the book launch for Robert Galinsky’s ‘Coffee Crazy.’ I’ll be drawing up to 50 contours of attendees, gifting them their art and sharing with them the beverage of Onli.

Upon first taste of their sparkling water, I felt like I was far away, on the shores of Cadiz, in the south of Spain, enjoying hibiscus in the morning sun. If you’re in New York, I invite you to come – rsvp here –  and experience art with a side of crazy and fizz with me.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset

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