Culture Cooler: Solange’s Store Pops, A BlackTop goes Artsy, Tech Tinkers with Coffee. March 21.

what’s poppin’

@saintheron, instagram

@saintheron, instagram

whoa there handle

During the 30th South by South West Conference Solange Knowles re-launched the Saint Heron store – an online and concept portal.  This culture has cause for excitement with goods taking on desert sahara hues and functioning Brent Pafford ceramic parts that take a coffee mug handle to other levels. Because drinking isn’t just an act its an art, let’s pop in even after Austin’s streets shut down.




tear drops falling in my coffee

LOS ANGELES, CA: What goes up, must pop! Blacktop Coffee has trailed its way with a heath colored tear drop 1947 Invader – we had to look it up – from Compadres Events in the courtyard of Hauser & Wirth courtyard for a weekends only residency. Given the role of art to the culture of coffee and the shape of the trailer like the front end of an automobile fit for a Wes Anderson adventure makes weekend coffee exploration that much more artsy.  Design so pretty we could cry.



coffee on his table

One of PDN’s New and Emerging Photographer’s to Watch, photographer Amy Lombard followed around “Tinker Hatfield, VP of Innovation Design at Nike, for Wall Street Journal Magazine.” On Instagram she shared a photo of their time together, one of which includes Hatfield in spring colors, a hat and seated at a table where gold chrome coffee mugs and the drink within them were in progress.  Let’s just say given the recent note on tech and coffee at SXSW, this culture is happy to see caffeination fueling innovation.

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