Sonnet, by Brett David

Sail away to foreign lands, I’m waiting on the shore
Take the bull and grab his horns and let me be so clear,
Fight this world for all she’s got I promise you there’s more
Listen for your drumroll it’s the one that no one hears;
Storm the land of apathy, prove your worth is pure
Love the light that shines on us and let’s us question “why”,
When in doubt just scream aloud and beg to see the cure
Don’t forget, when birds first jump they often fall, not fly
Focus on the good I swear this world with sin is wed
Seek a life and know that one day you’ll be next in line,
Think “what makes me better than the man who’s steps ahead”
My love I’d tell you reasons
but I’ve got more words than time;
Flowers are what’s perfect now’s the day when they’re in bloom
All of this will overwhelm but know who lives inside,
My love I pray you don’t forget as oceans do the moon
Stop and smell the roses love, and turn so with the tides.