SPECIAL:. QUOTED > DAY 2, Big Central 2013

All the baristas are a storyteller. For the second day of the Big Central Barista Competition, stories are what its viewers heard.  Their stories expounded upon what it means to love coffee, love people and love being a barista.   #enjoy

“I got into coffee because I really enjoy people – getting to know their stories.” Patrick, Palace Coffee

“We’re living in a world of under extraction.” I propose we expand our flavor expectations of espresso. Mike North, Blueprint Coffee

“As baristas we have to care about every cup we craft.” David Fasman, Kaldi’s Coffee

“With a few turns of the dial an entire universe comes into focus.” Mike North, BluePrint Coffee

“Espresso alone is one expression of coffee.” Matthew, Sump Coffee

“Passion is why we’re all here today.” Jonathan, Madcap Coffee

“You can notice terroir when keeping lots separate.” Tyler Rovenstine, Oddly Correct

“For coffee to remain accessible, espresso selection is important.” Brian, Coffea

“I’m all about finding ways to meet people where they are.”  Brian Ensminger

“Most of us don’t just try coffee once.” Daniel Kaldi’s Coffee

The extraction I am using a little bit radical. Nora Brady, Blue Print Coffee

“Our goal is to exceed our customers every single expectation, every single time.” David Buehrer, Blacksmith