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Zig, Envelope Berber Clutch

Life’s a zig, a zag. It moves. You here, you there and within the where you find your self in the clutch of life. So, live in the pattern!


Large envelope pouf-clutch. Handmade custom Berber kilm,with zipper Limited quantity.


origin: morocco
region: atlas mountains
size: 40×22
details: zipper
produced by women artisans, hand sewn and hand stitched in the city of marrakech, morocco

Cost: $135 Includes shipping to the U.S. and Mexico. Additional costs for Worldwide shipping TBD upon buyer location.

Shipping and Delivery:

This Berber kilm envelope clutch comes packaged with an original line drawing inspired by the city of Marrakech and one vial of sand the city of Zagora in the southern Sahara, gifted to me from the Saharan shepherds I met while visiting Morocco this October 2017.

Thank you for w o/a ndering.