style:. Coffee and The Patch

Patch it up.

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Coffee patches are worn by those committed to instant injection of coffee, straight to the arm. However, there’s another patch, also attached to the arm that is circulating the social pathways of users on Instagram and it happens to be attached to an arm of denim.

I first discovered it through an Instagram user and friend based in Sydney shared from the account @Resdenim “good time design from Melbourne.” It takes coffee and clothes to a sartorial level and puts coffee on clothes itself.

Patch, is famously intertwined with the nicotine patch invented by the late, Bronx born and UCLA pharmacologist – Dr. Murray E. Jarvik – who invented it to aid smokers in quitting the addictive substance of tobacco.

On the other hand, the embroidered patch, like the one seen here, is created by using a fabric backing and thread. Culturally, a patch had held an important role in identifying enlisted military, uniformed personnel, youth groups, sporting clubs and specialized groups. Hey, coffee is special.

And deeper than that, it traces back thousands of years ago to ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Mideast, China, India and South America. One things for sure, contemporary culture hasn’t lost its enthusiasm for the art of embroidery patchwork.

This culture takes the repetitive assertion “coffee, coffee, coffee” seriously, a plea that it’s patch is more than a fix for injecting, it’s a lifestyle, a stylish one that it hopes no one is ready to quit anytime soon.