style / sunday service “eden”

stools might have well been pews

white fog on glass

could have been heavens’ color :

sunday service

The style of speciality coffee is beyond fashionable, its edible.

Jack Benchakul, a former professional of a few things, including pastry chef turned occupational barista-coffee disciple, gave me a coffee sit-down that was an equilateral triangle of visual, mental and edible fancy.

At Cafe Demitasse, you can find many coffee accoutrements, but whats additionally special is the latitude that baristas are profferred to create their own speciality drinks, only available when they are on bar.

My Sunday service started with hibiscus flower infused syrup. A side of chilled ice milk a la lavendar. An espresso used from the new demiroasting line cats cradle – a blend of beans from  Colombia, Sumatra and Ethiopia.

Next, the shot was pulled into the syrup. The result, my friends. was an imbibing of edible flowers and chilled specks of sweet citrus so delicate, I didn’t want to leave it. Thus, I sipped and scooped between service ware, singing inner hymms mentally delaying the end of this; this, as in Eden, the name of this coffee belle. [/one_third]

When I asked the coffee chef why this pairing, and what drinks like these do for coffee he replied,

“It started with the idea of edible flowers. The espresso – cat’s cradle – has floral aromatics, so I began to play with that. I also wanted to bring people to accepting more of a floral accent as well.

As for what this does for coffee, it blurs the line between specialty coffee and restarts the conversation. For some, coffee is an afterthought, they want a bitter something after dinner. They aren’t expecting for it to be this, so, I say lets up the game. There are over 900 aromatics in coffee, there is so much potential.  Ideally, anything can be paired with coffee and coffee can be so much more than the sum of its parts.”

Coffee is looking a little out of focus, just how I like it.




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