film.: Seven Things in Coffee and Culture To Do at Sundance 2016

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airbnb, @instagram

airbnb, @instagram

ONE: Murmur Has It

A house comes alive when its full of people, the living thread of why its built. This year, at the AirBnb Haus, it has invited the public to tell and share stories of locals, allowing their characters to live. As it celebrates story while Sundance premieres many of them screening after screening for seven days from the 22nd-29th, specialty centric La Barba Coffee Roasters hosts guests with coffee and if you’re ordering a matcha, its by locals, Woodshed Tea. Here’s to hoping a “local murmur” of your own makes the receipt.  596 Main Street


‘Panels and Music’ is among the special events section of Sundance’s behemoth of cultural offerings at the festival.  Cinema Cafe features talks with a wide range of actors, filmmakers and moderators beginning on January 22nd with Times Talk Lena Dunham and Norman Lear and runs programming through Saturday, January 30 with Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson and Joe Passarelli. May the audiences ears be as riveted as their eyes through the festival.


woodshedtea, @instagram

woodshedtea, @instagram

A first for Sundance this year, is an outdoor event in Park City where Festival Base Camp arrives with constructed pop-up structures, think out-of-door tents and domes. Within them, music performances nightly, Cinema Café live streams and coffee from small batch, hand-roasted Blue Copper Roasters, home to Salt Lake City. The latter served from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. will be alongside Woodshed Tea sponsored by Canada Goose at the popup.. Find them daily, accompanied by happy hour drinks and Canadian food via a food truck. Of note, aNew Frontier events — “Nari,” on Tuesday, Jan. 26 and annual music showcase, BMI Snowball, on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

The camp runs 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.; Jan. 22-29, Swede Alley between 4th St. and 5th St., near Transit Centre.


Everyones talking this coffee table book. From the Restaurants of Park City: A Mountain Town’s Cookbook.” is a book that features local restaurants in Park City: its chefs, history and recipes. Celebrating local culture its an ideal book for ones coffee table in Utah or beyond showcasing what appears to be a look at the true mountain spirit of Utahns.

Purchase it at

FIVE: The Coffee Cubicle Frontier


Job Simulator

The great frontier. Cinema-goers – in ten minutes, take a visual journey into the future, from the U.S.A. using off-beat storytelling, where a protagonist takes space at a cubicle from the future in the Job Stimulator. Across some interesting mechanics, the job stimulator encounters a series of event. All happening within the New Frontier Exhibition. 573 Main St.


Created as a riff on Sundance, Slamdance returns with a run of films aiming for global dialogue and diversity.  Noticing that actress Claire Coffee is acting in Narrative Feature Honey Buddies, makes the film warrant a place on this culture’s radar. According to the films synopsis, “jilted groom David is convinced by his excitable best man Flula to continue with his planned honeymoon, a backcountry trek in the mountains of Oregon, in a highly comedic ode to friendship and the great outdoors.” The outdoor setting of Utah  couldn’t be a better destination to warrant this journey? See all the films here.


publik coffee, @instagram

publik coffee, @instagram

Doc lovers get happy. Sundance TV’s, Doc Club, takes the festivals HQ, over with handpicked documentaries, where local roaster, cafe and imminent kitchen Publik Coffee, will serve free coffee 10.m. every day during the festival as of Friday, 22nd. Be sure and check out where coffee will be resting itself. If you’re not in Utah and love documentaries, be sure and give the Doc Club free trial a whirl – its documentary selection is mint.