Super Bowl Coffee Special: Welcome to the City of Champions

it is the year 2022 and Super Bowl 56



The Los Angeles Rams have advanced to the Super Bowl. The American sport of football has seen fifty-five super bowls until now, this year marks number fifty-six. It’s historic! The game will be played for the first time at  Inglewood’s indoor-outdoor So-Fi Stadium with the National Football Conference (NFC) team – The Los Angeles Rams – playing in their home stadium, only the second time that such an occurrence has happened in history.

If the Rams win on this thirteenth day of February, it will be their second title and a first in the century of the 2000’s. If the Cincinnati Bengals win, it will be their first ever championship in their conference history.

Now, as a native Angeleno, this event brings the world stage to our backyard. Additionally, the half time shows bring natives and locals from their homes to the Inglewood stage, including American rapper and Compton raised Kendrick Lamar; Long Beach born rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg, Compton born rapper and entrepreneur Dr. Dre. The city also welcomes Yonkers bred singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige, ne “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” and American rapper, songwriter and record producer Eminem, with accolades that span best-selling music artist in the U.S. in the 2000s. to the first artist to ever achieve ten number-one consecutive debut albums on Billboard 200. to holding the Guinness World Record for most words rapped in a hit single and then nearly besetting that record with his 2020 song Godzilla where 224 words spit from the icons mouth in 31 seconds.

With all this said and documented, I thought it coffee nice to share with you where you can caffeinate yo’ self before the game and after the game if you’re in L.A. now, or in the future to come. Here’s a short list of establishments owned by the melanated for you to coffee crawl to and from So-Fi Stadium.

Welcome to the city of multiple champions.


1. Coming from Compton? Visit Patria Coffee Roasters. 12 miles to SoFi.

The small-batch organic coffee roaster and coffee shop is owned by Geoffrey Martinez. Of Guatemalan heritage, Martinez’ Patria has exited in a standalone building since 2018. It boasts stories of Compton’s history, the origin of its sourced coffees – Honduras to Ethiopia, along with promoting drinks that are in the tradition of brown communities like the Mexican Mocha and Café con Leche.

My order: Masala Chai with Espresso


2. Coming from the center of L.A. Visit Harun Coffee. 5.3 miles to SoFi.

This coffee house is located in the historic center of Leimert Park. Dating back to the 1920’s, the park and plaza is historically black uplifting African-American culture.  Harun Coffee owned by is community within thecommunity features imported coffee from Ethiopia and Tanzania with a menu of culture that includes an art gallery and merch.

My order: A ceremonial matcha, lightly sweetened.


3. Coming from Westchester, via LAX, visit The Boy and The Bear.  4 miles to SoFi

The coffee roastery is ten years old as of this year. Founded by Andres Piñeros, The Boy & The Bear focuses on Colombian coffees. Using a relationship coffee model, Piñeros roasts coffee with a transparent relationship to the farmer from Redondo Beach, which services the brands three locations.  His penchant for creating coffee and culture through a lens that highly values and respects the people of Colombia is evidenced in the brands packaging to each location’s varied but congruent aesthetic.

My order: Cortado, side of seltzer.


4. Coming from Inglewood visit Sip and Sonder. 1.6 miles to SoFi

The Market street coffee shop is an entrepreneurial hub for the community and for the culture.   It established itself in 2017 and is the first specialty coffee shop to make roots in Inglewood. Surrounded by historic businesses throughout the arts including KJLH – the oldest African American owned radio station on the West Coast – now owned by musician Steve Wonder,

Owned by best friends, Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, Sip and Sonder now roasts its coffee and has opened a second location in downtown Los Angeles. It encourages coffee drinking and coffee inspiration through culture and connection. It’s as much a coffee shop as it is a conversation.

My order: Cold Oat Chai with a shot of espresso.

Honorable Mention:

I can’t mention Inglewood or Los Angeles coffee without giving a shout to Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen. The coffee shop currently has three locations, one in Inglewood, off the La Brea throughfare, a second in Windsor Hills off Overhill and Slauson, the latter being a gateway boulevard to the center of L.A. including the late Nipsey Hussle’s legendary Marathon retail store upon the commercial lot which the family owns, and finally, a third in Eagle Rock. Co-Owned by native Angelenos, Yonnie Hagos, Ajay Relan in partnership with Issa Rae, visiting Hilltop is by the people, for the people.

My order: Iced Matcha