sustainability.: Paper is as Paper Does, A Look at Aardvark Straws with Cafè Demitasse.

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in partnership with Cafè Demitasse





Have you ever thought about what paper makes a paper straw? I hadn’t until recent acquaintances with various brands of paper straws found me with an array of experiences. Some were pleasant, others, like the straws that seem to dissolve in your mouth before finishing your drink: not pleasant. Of course, a dissolving straw pales in comparison to plastic straws take up to 200 years to decompose, longer than most of us will ever live.

Upon partnering with Cafè Demitasse to further the word about sustainability within coffee culture, I asked myself some questions and also tasked myself with finding the answers. Sustainability is a broad topic, but one that can be mitigated with starting with where our curiosity leads out to tackle its vastness.

After sipping with Café Demitasse’s black and white swirl straws, where the paper didn’t become soggy by end of a said drink, I inquired about its manufacturer. It is the ‘Made in the USA’ company, Aardvark Straws.

Reef and ocean friendly, composter approved by the composter manufacturing alliance and creatively designed, Aardvark® -the only U.S. manufacturer of paper straws- uses natural cellulose paper as the primary material for its paper drinking straws. Paper, being a natural fiber, is universally considered to be inherently biodegradable, breaking down quickly in most environments, thus safe for planet earth and our individual usage.  Think about it, if a paper straw could easily dissolve by coming in contact with liquid and lips, imagine the possibilities of its ability to easily decompose without harming our earth.

With straws ranging from bamboo, birch tree to cocktail paper straws there’s ample to choose from Aardvark’s offering. At Café Demitasse you can find a cross between the matte black paper straw and the black striped straw. So, the next time you’re in a local Cafè Demitasse –Little Tokyo, MidWilshire, Santa Monica– acquaint yourself with its straw and enjoy an elevated yet conscious drinking experience. Additionally, if you happen to be traveling in the greater area of America and encounter a coffee shop in need of an alternative straw solution, why not suggest Aardvark? Tell them The Coffeetographer sent you.

Sip on.