The Difference A Quarter Makes. Tandem Coffee Lowers Drink Prices with ‘Give Up Paper Cup’


twenty-five cents to change.

Tandem Coffee, Instagram

A roaster out of Portland, Maine, Tandem Coffee + Bakery is known for its little shop that can… be transparent and capable of handling the processes that take coffee from green bean to brewed, inside a cup in their café since 2014.  It has a recently renovated bakery that brings fresh goods out of its ovens, seasonal coffees and The Good Thing – a coffee and vinyl subscription which encourages that the two be enjoyed together.

In a move towards becoming a more sustainable operation, it is implementing a new single-use cup policy to help its customers help the environment. On Tuesday, April 2, Tandem Coffee is lowering all drink prices by 25 cents. Drinks taken in single-use compostable cups will be assessed a 25-cent charge. With this initiative, the coffee roaster hopes to make, “resuable cups the new normal” according to their Instagram page, which includes this appropriate hashtag for the movement. #giveupthecup

In addition to helping the environment one quarter at a time, this also encourages a proper sit-down coffee break, with in-house ceramics. Caring for our earth also means caring for ourselves, which lends to taking out the time to enjoy a beverage we love solo or with others in a home away from home.

Are you already a bring-your-own-mug kind of drink consumer? Are you a customer going non-single-use compostable? What has your experience been like? Let us know in the comments.