culture.: Northside Festival 2016, Part 1, Content+Innovation

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Northside Festival

One way to get familiar with one of New York’s most recently branded boroughs – Brooklyn – is to attend the annual Northside Festival. Defined as ‘encompassing a constellation of venues’ – the festival is a modern, up-to-the-moment survey of content, innovation and music.


Up first, CONTENT explores originality and the buzz word phrase of ‘whats next’ often heard in tech circles and community. As video, virtual reality and micro storytelling rise as staple features in the business of social media, I’m tuning in to panels and speakers that will offer thought and leadership about the current state of storytelling, audience, content and the management of the attention economy.

Across a few stages, Getty Images MainStage, Video Helper, Sofi Stage, Kinfolk and The Douglas Elliman Stage at The Wythe Screening Room, some of the best minds playing in the space will speak include Charlie Melcher from Future of Storytelling, Chad Mumm of Vox Media, Chris O’Falt of IndieWire, Clive Thompson of Wired, Jenna Trabulus of Conde Nast, Lauren Johnson of AdWeek, Kwane Opam of The Verge, Robert Glasper, Debbie Millman and Ryan Leslie. I want my head and my imagination to over explode. I’ll be live-tweeting all my insights from @coffeetographer.

As well, you can follow my Snapchat [ @coffeetographer ] for snippets of conversations that are impactful and where I’m caffeinating, between all the brain feed. As a heads up, these four are on my radar: Cafe Beit, Grade Coffee, The Kinfolk Store, Oslo Coffee, Toby’s Estate and whatever else I discover, as I reacquaint myself with the neighborhood.  Now on to my lineup.



Getty Images Stage (GIS) at NiteHawk Cinema, VideoHelper Stage at NiteHawk Cienma (VH)

10:45 In Defense of Good Ideas, Translations Approach to Brand Storytelling VH

11:45 The Art of Capturing Experiences and Vicarious Storytelling Through VR VH

12:00 Platform Agnostic, How Digital Media is Thinking More Like Cable NW’s GIS

12:30 Content and Context: Building Deeper Talent Partnerships for Brands GIS

1:30 The Future of Video: Behind The Creative Curtain | GIS

2:30 Building Stories and Social Impact Campaigns | VH

3:00 Winning The Attention of the Snapchat Generation with MTV | GIS

3:30 Content Happy Hour NiteHawk Cinema



Getty Images Stage at NiteHawk Cinema

10:30 Small Is The New Big: Micro Moments on Mobile Video GIS

11:30 Unleashing The Power of Virtual Reality | VH

12 PM The Art of Branded Video and Virtual Reality with The New York Times GIS

12 PM Short Form Storytelling For Social Workshop VH

12:30 Proof Over Posture in StoryTelling: No More BullSh?T GIS

1:30 VR’s Persuasiveness in Journalism, Gaming and Media with Kill Screen and Wired

2:30 Making Daring Ideas Happen, Helping Brands Take Risks For Their Fans GIS

3:30 Content Happy Hour NiteHawk Cinema




There’s a lot to hear. Much of what I’ll be focused on is content, storytelling, talks where creative process and management of story platforms are expounded upon.

Fortune Venture Stage (FV) at The Wythe Hotel, SOFI Stage at Brooklyn Brewery SS, Douglas Elliman Stage at Wythe Screening Room DE, Kinfolk 94 Stage K



10:00 Tech’s Influence on Fashion with Rebecca & Uri Minkoff, FV

10:45 The Year of Women Breaking The Internet w/Lenny Letter and Giant Spoon FV

11:15 Mastering Mediums, Platforms Informing The Types of Content Influencers Create, Refinery 29 DE

12:00 Why Video is The Future of StoryTelling DE

12:45 Travel Dialogues: Using Mobile To Connect Online and Offline SS

1:30 How Virtual Reality Will Shift Storytelling With Samsun CMO, Marc Mathieu FV

2:00 The Next Influencer Strategy, with Havas Luxhub, SS

2:00 Why The Best Marketing Campaign is A Digital Product K

3:00 How Entrepreneurs Navigate Transitions And Stay Sane Between Projects K



10:30 How Habits Affect Happiness with Gretchen Rubin and Debbie Millman SS

11:00 A Fireside Keynote with Dan Schulman, CEO, President of Paypal FV

11:30 Humanizing Brands Through LongForm Content w/ Linda Boff, CMO of GE FV

12:45 How to Beat The Financial Challenge of Entrepreneurship SS

1:30 Anchor, Buzzfeed and WNYC on the Next Revolution, DE

2:00 Superphone and The Birth of Personal Relationship Management Ryan Leslie FV

3:00 AI, VR, And the Future of Journalism DE