Ten Years, Eleven Coffee Shops, And a Few Honorable Mentions

ten x eleven

Once upon a time in the beginning of this journey, then as smdlr and now as The Coffeetographer I used to get nervous about making a list, any list that involved me ranking or giving opinions about what was best in coffee. Who was I to say which coffee was better, or which coffee shop should be preferred over another? I quickly learned as in all things that everyone has an opinion. However, an educated opinion, an informed opinion, and an opinion well documented could give credence to those ideas that could easily seem subjective and from a person behind a computer screen or an app.

Over time, I’ve visited too many coffee shops, tasted too many coffees and visited too many cities and countries to not feel a pride of experience for what I individually saw and experienced. In addition, I considered myself then and now the people I was talking to. I valued the people who shared their stories with me and their process. I also found insight from lingering in spaces and finding transparency in their sourcing and methods. A chat across a bar, being a regular and a student of coffee culture goes a long way, ten years in fact. Now, while still a gruesome emotional task to be definitive about a list, I welcome the ability to even create it, it means not only do I have an opinion but that I’m comfortable enough to share it for it to be heard with anyone whose ears it finds company.