Culture Cooler: Runnin’ on Coffee, Tea and Gasoline, February 29, 2016

engines ready


via EveryBody Coffee, instagram

One: Uptown CHICAGO, Illinois

Get to pressin’!

The culture held a regional Aeropress Championship on Saturday February 27, 2016 at Everybody’s Coffee in Uptown Chicago. This midwest event invited baristas to press their way to a win and for an eventual cameo at the U.S. Championships will be held in April in conjunction with the U.S. Coffee Championships. First place winner was Matthew Gasaway of Intelligentsia Coffee, Second Place Eli Ramirez of Shift Coffee in Chicago and Dallas and Third Place Kayla Placencio of Beans and Bagels.


Pedal to the coffee.

courtesy Caffeine & Gasoline

courtesy Caffeine & Gasoline

Fashion Month runs on and on and on and well, until the end which is marked by Paris. But, it can’t run on clothes alone, thus enter the gas that fuels the UK brand P&CO. Launching its first collection of the year Caffeine and Gasoline, the California sun, Coffee and motorbikes come together to refuel in the name of creativity. There’s every prop here that a heritage brand is made of, timepieces, tote bags, real paper, throwback type, line drawings and of course a film camera. This culture admits, this could feel specialty coffee appropriated, but given the brands 2013 start and craft emphasis since inception. The culture believe its continual building will prove that who it is, is who its being. For that, this culture says go get some fuel or an iPhone case, enamel mug or the card holder, which I am coveting right n o w.


Three: Los Angeles, CA

E!, web

E!, web

It was the 88th Academy Awards. And, it was a historic one, Chris Rock became the comedian who put into perspective a boycott, a hashtag and an old but still prevalent idea all with the aid of an opening monologue. Beyond that, there were many nominated films whose characters were supported by the unflinching and often in-demand supporting character, coffee. One of the winners of the night caught this culture’s attention for his red carpet request. That winner was Sam Smith, for original song, Spectre and he was accompanied by a spot of English tea. Now, pass the milk lplease.