The Coffee Stories, December 16th

Welcome to Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya and Nicaragua!

Falling in love, with no need for a rescue.*


From Colombia Valley de Cauca To China Street, Lancaster | 8,610 km

Saying I do to a valley low, low enough for me, grants you the matrimony of me within the belly of a land of beautiful accidents – Cauca River Valley. Yet, lets not rush, I age slowly to rise to story of my terroir – a place of ranchero and raucous squeals of ‘wee’ as explorers discover I’m a happy medium between the history I set and modern visionaries. Now, that you’ve found me, sit with me: honey. Knuckles to rind, solid melon hollow, here comes the cinnamon – all natural. Granja La Esperanza x J. Atkinson & Co.

From Santa Rosa, Guatemala To Los Angeles, California | 2,681 km

imageMay my size, bring you no doubt. I am small, yet mighty. I am a micro-wonder, from an altitudinous farm, where clouds call me their footstool. With puffy, tropical whites above me, I lay drying on divans in the sun, which hum the voice of me – Red Catuai – sashaying with Guatemalan hips across your tongue. Dance with me? Will you? Among the palm trees, where pears play in the Los Angeles’ wind, for in this city, I, only am. Dance with me. Guatemala Finca Santa Ana x Cafe Demitasse. 


From Muranga, Kenya To Chicago, Illinois 12,850 km

Lover, there’s a long and short of it. I prefer the short and sweet. Lets run away somewhere, where the port of entry into a society of travellers is the mind. Lets meet there and find the place where we lay under the sunny star that makes all fruit become. Do you hear? It’s the hum of propellers. Crack, crack, take off, take off, pineapples between my grahams, we’re away, we’re away. Wahundura Kenya x Passion House Coffee Roasters.

imageFrom Othaya, Nyeri Kenya To Greenpoint Brooklyn , 11,775 km

It feels good to be wanted. Many come for me. It feels good to be wanted. I am protected by mountains that shield the seeds that make me. I, this seed, to cherry, be like sugar cane of a Malbec hue, hauled on the back of belief, that once allowed to loiter at the mill, I will dry as great. Then, I’ll fly into your memory like a concord, hustling purples and lavender. I’m in the wind. Gatuyaini, Kenya x Cafe Grumpy.

From Mozonte, Nueva Segovia Nicaragua, To Seattle, Washington | 6,546 km

This is a true tall tale: I am my lands main squeeze. It dotes on me from the mountain trees where monkeys speak in hollers and walnuts self-cocoon in husks. Out to dry, I’ll hang as if on a hammock until my cherry is sweet as cola and apricot pop. Finca La Escondida Broadcast Coffee.

*The leading image is a portmanteau of artists both featured at Art Basel 2015. Each are about the elongated look into the varied ideas of something: in this case the multifaceted coincidences that bring the story of coffee to the sense of our eyes. As the great Andy Warhol painted pop art visuals evoking culture and time and current artist Laurent Mueller creates hand painted works meant to be seen from different physical turns of the paintings themselves – coffee requires the same.

These are the Coffee Stories, short stories, about coffee, digitally, in a commissioned post. Learn more about them and how to book one here.