The Coffee Stories, June 15, 2016

Welcome to The Congo.


From: Congo Hutwe Bukununu to Hollywood, Ca | 9,384 mi

Now, you see me.

Like the stars, I’m always present although intermittently seen. Hope is why I am washed at stations, for my fruit anchors the ideas of something better. I appear small, yet I am mighty. I heal regions with the reasons that make coffee special – the collective hands that touch me, the farmers that make me the juiciest fruit giving way to gravity.  Congo Hutwe BukununuCafe Demitasse

*The leading image is a reflection of trees from the view of a lake. Trees, coffee trees are a crucial part of the story of Congo in the Lake Kivu region as coffee trees are like the force of gravity, anchoring a new Congo by the power of sweet cherry.

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