The Coffee Stories, June, 1 2016

Welcome to Colombia and India!


Colombia, c. Cafe Demitasse

Colombia, c. Cafe Demitasse

From Huila, Colombia, to  Hollywood, California

Strike gold once. Call it chance. Strike gold twice. Well, some call that divine.

That higher call belongs to the famed Huila region of Colombia, home to hectares of coffee, coveted by humans in the pursuit of an everlasting memory, the one called The God Shot. El Balcon owes its Riesling sparkle to farmer Marco Fidel Rodriquez and his sons whose care for their terroir is as if coffee cherry were a family member of their own – a nation of beans, under a heavenly groove. Café Demitasse x El Balcon.


From: Baadra Estates, India, to Long Island City, N.Y. | 13,353 km

There is a city island wind, carrying the perfumes of unpacked antiques, roasted vegetables on the grill and the smell of cherry blossoms that still color the pavement. Another smell moves past you, like a soft wave, steady, with a direction beyond you, it’s coffee. You follow it, up and down marked aisles until you arrive where the smell has been ordained, within as Kaapi.  Welcome, you’ve arrived to the blooms of the South of India. | Ministry of Kaapi installed at Long Island City Flea.

*The leading image is a vintage car parked in the neighborhood of Atwater village, home to legacy coffee purveyors and cultural outposts in California.

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