The Coffee Stories, November 4th

Welcome to Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Honduras!

Whirled by Feathers in a Cup, Where Hushed Pears and Strawberries Swing*


From Santa Rosa, Guatemala To Los Angeles, California | 2,681 km

imageMay my size, bring you no doubt. I am small, yet mighty. I am a micro-wonder, from an altitudinous farm, where clouds call me their footstool. With puffy, tropical whites above me, I lay drying on divans in the sun, which hum the voice of me – Red Catuai – sashaying with Guatemalan hips across your tongue. Dance with me? Will you? Among the palm trees, where pears play in the Los Angeles’ wind, for in this city, I, only am. Dance with me. Guatemala Finca Santa Ana x Cafe Demitasse. 

Borena EthiopiaFrom Borena, Ethiopia To Chicago, Illinois | 12, 536 km

I’m hi-fi lilac floating in melted butter. My carobs powder black plums. Taste my cherry, taste the sun. And oh, I sing; I’m alive, a flower flying the bright of the dark. I am aroma, purple; I am Oroma, people – six-hundred seventy soiled hands.  Raise a toast, raise a toast, I am notes, oh I am alive : Ethiopia Borena Borboya x Passion House Coffee Roasters.


Las Flores, HondurasFrom El Cielito, Santa Bárbara, Honduras To Greenpoint, Brooklyn | 5, 503 km

In the place, where peace flows like a name and dances like a Saint; on the land, where brothers play for honor and bond for petals sake, in the air, when grapes dry as yellow raisins and apricots soar as praline scented kites, a coffee blooms pretty – flowers on parade.  El Cielito Santa Barbara x Cafe Grumpy.


*The leading image titled ‘Come on and Dance with Me, Where Hushed Pears and Strawberries Swing’a photo of feathers by Jimmy Reid Photography and the beginning of an abstract art piece by Carol Yap Fine Art. Coffees are just the beginning of a story and two of such ones listed here are part of the Cup of Excellence family which are like feathers in a specialty coffee cap. And, for the Ethiopian, its experimental nature inspires abstract beginnings  – the ones where the finishing of whats started is nothing more than strokes of genius. These are the Coffee Story Ads, short stories, about coffee, digitally, in an ad.  Learn more about them and how to book one here.