The cup in Casablanca’s Ski Club Campaign, Friedhats Social Panel Project, Bird Rock Coffee Spotlights Black Brazilian Coffee Farmers.

Casablanca Ski Club, AW 20/21 @instagram

1. Multiple times Good Food Award Winner Bird Rock Coffee Roasters celebrates Black History Month with coffee and a limited edition photo book featuring Black Brazilians in coffee. Brail is the world’s largest producer of coffee with ideal growing conditions in its southeastern states.

2. Coffee is convenient on a wooden table in the Casablanca’s AW 20/21 Ski Club campaign. We agree that a cup of hot is a nice way to weather winter weather.

3. The Los Angeles brand Coffee Coffee LA, a charming cubbyhole coffee post will drop a themed pair of socks -any post now- in the orange hue of crema. Shots up, socks up.

4. If 250 grams of coffee is coming to me in the mail, I’d prefer clean packaging as, in recyclable and biodegradable. Bondi’s Skittlelane is a beautiful horizontal box, so beautiful that I want to taste what’s on the other side of the flap.

5. Coffee farmers need environmental protection that includes ensuring sustainable working conditions. Amsterdam roastery Friedhats’ Special Social Panel Project aims to use profits from its Productor Coffee collaboration for farmers in need of electricity for their farm houses. Learn more about the project here.

6. What does it mean when a sandwich gets a residency at a coffee shop? For Eagle Rock’s Found Coffee, it means a sando party every Thursday as part of your coffee ritual. Egg, cheese and sausage is ready to Geaux!

7.Independent coffee shops weigh a myriad of operational decisions. To use third party delivery or create your own driver network? New York’s Good Thanks has chosen to go with the latter, which means less fees and handless disturbance of your coffee goods. Give it a try New York.