The Last Great Gesha of Twenty Twenty-One


The Super Duper Coffee Menu

As the year of 2021 was coming to an end, I was on the hunt for one last great coffee experience, one that would mean me leaving the coffee comfort of my house for the coffee shop experience of another.

In this city of Los Angeles coffee angels, I found it and am humbled as ever by the power of extracted coffee by the hands of skilled baristas, who know how to enunciate a coffee as if the contents of a cup are liquid words distilled into a vessel. At home, I currently have majority Gesha coffees on rotation. So, when I saw that Jack of Endorffiene was during a Super Duper Special menu on Christmas day featuring  Takesi Gesha for all the beverages, I was excited to go.

By Wikipedia definition, the Gesha I reference here is, “a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopia, though it is now grown in several other nations in Africa, Asia and the Americas.  It is widely known for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes, its high selling price, and its exclusivity as its demand has increased over the years.”

As with anything prized and highly valued for quality and aesthetics, this too has its lovers and dare I say, those that don’t buy into what they may perceive as hype, when it comes to such coffees receiving specialized designation and fame. We’ll save that discussion for another day. In this coffee time, I want to share how tasting uniquely grown coffee, specifically Gesha, forwards my appreciation for what I might not like and for experiences that I might otherwise turn my back on, simply because at times, even I favor the safe and sure coffee.

When I approach a Gesha coffee experience, I think of the coffee as a multi-hyphenate. It is as much a name, adjective and verb at times. Let me explain. It’s a thing, a coffee revered for its growing origin, history, and legacy. It’s an adjective, as it describes a particular kind of coffee, evoking royalty and even exoticism. And it’s a verb, because it’s in a state of action, being a process resulting from its growth characteristics and classification.

When I arrived to Endorffene about midday with my family, with the hope of experiencing this gift, it was soon dashed. Not only was there a line of more than an hour wait – I would have waited – but all the remaining made-to-order coffees were spoken for. The disclaimer on the event did notify us readers that the flight of coffees would be available until sold out. I couldn’t believe it, and yet, I could.  Its Jack. Its Gesha. And it was Christmas Day. Alas, this just wouldn’t be the day that I would experience any of this coffee. Disappointed, I quickly tried to assess what were my other options, which is when Jack told me that he did have some of the Gesha in a bottled cold brew.

I thought to myself, ‘Cold Brew? And, on a rainy Christmas day?’ I wasn’t immediately feeling that idea. But then, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the worst idea, because I could still experience the coffee which is ultimately what I wanted. Additionally, I could now opt to have it at an opportune time for myself, like when it wasn’t cold and in the comfort of my home.

I took one Cold Brew to-go, somewhat satisfied that the event and mitigated experience could still be a factor in my last great coffee shop coffee of the year. The next morning and per Jack’s instructions, I poured the Cold Brew into a glass sans milk so that I could really experience the delicacy of the coffee.

Well! I had no expectations, so when it spoke I listened. First, it was soft, super-duper soft like cotton. Secondly, it tasted like fruit punch, like the candy roll-ups I used to enjoy when I was an elementary student. Lastly, I tasted a hint of malt beer. So, we have fruit punch and an adult sensation of hops! Yes, that is what the Takesi Gesha Cold Brew was like for me. I have never tasted anything like it, nor combined such flavor notes to describe something like it until now. I knew I had found a great coffee because it pushed my palate and my memory. I was intrigued; I was impressed!

I sat on my outside bench at hone and thought as I sipped. If I never acquiesced to a different experience than the one I wanted, I would never have had the opportunity to be confronted with this adventure. This is the beauty of specialty coffee: it makes a regular out of us for what we love but it makes a fan out of us for what we don’t know.

This super, duper special holiday menu turned out to be my last great Gesha coffee of 2021. Twenty, twenty-two has its work cut out for me, as I’m looking forward to the events that I’ll show up to for the joy of what I might miss and then find.

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