The Coffee Stories, November 16.

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Welcome to Costa Rica.


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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Trifectas are rare. They are an anomaly, experienced. Thus, this first direct trade coffee sourced by Café Demitasse is an event for the palate, with a trio of factors contributing to its grandness. There’s it’s elevation: 1700-2100 MASL,  its farmer, Roger Urena and his commitment to the craft of all washed coffees and the bean itself, Red Catuai, honey processed.

Finca Beto, Cafe Demitasse

Finca Beto, Cafe Demitasse

Consider this coffee cherry, bases loaded and this, a home run in a cup.

Bases are loaded, and the home run is in the cup. Cafe Demitasse x Finca Beto.

*The leading image is from a wall in the south of Morocco near Quarzazate. To commission a coffee story visit here.

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