coffee x street style:. Wearing Allen & Fifth x Propeller Coffee

wearing allen & fifth's unisex button down b propeller coffee in greenpoint.

cuff and charm
Here’s the thing, I love clothes. I like them with a history: worn and lived in. And, I like them with a vision. When I received this collared unisex shirt from Allen & Fifth who totes the twitter bio, “I am pop culture,” there was already enough to love.

Specifically, I loved that it was malleable to wear how I chose. Perhaps I wanted to tuck the collar in, and I did, or, maybe I wanted to cuff my sleeves a bit and I did.What I also did was pair it with the history of something worn, my go-to, uber ripped Citizens of Humanity jeans.

I felt like the structure of this shirt coupled with the grunge of a bit of ,show-and-leg in in the jeans was the ideal way to walk the street in this look and of course, meet a new friend for coffee, a café au lait at Propeller BK. #cupUP

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café au lait: drip coffee with steamed milk