Coffee’s Lucky Cover with Solange


Whether or not Solange is drinking coffee in her cover photo for the August Lucky issue isn’t as important as this fact: she holds one of coffee culture’s most iconic coffee cups – the Anthora.

Anthora’s name is a play on the word amphora, a characteristic container with shape and size from the Neolithic Period. Thanks Wikipedia!  While the style of coffee has changed a lot since the Stone Age when that word came in to existence, dare I, happily say that coffee and its people have given the culture a chance to express itself in new ways in our modern times.

As a proponent of coffee and its street style whether at pop-ups, food festivals, farmers markets, vintage sales, Creative Mornings, fashion weeks and more…its a beautiful lens to document the journey of coffee  by tracking how its consumers and associates – because not everyone drinks coffee –  look when they partake of the culture.  From its whole, so many individual parts – like style come through gloriously.

Solange, whom this space adores and adores, lives her style and its great to see Anthora fashioned as an accessory. Because, lets face it, it is that at times – an accessory. However, its depth allows it to move beyond being just an accoutrement, yes indeed, its part of many of our lifestyles. So #cupUP Lucky, Solange and historic New Orleans.

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