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fresh face post cafe creme masque

One thing that I love about the life that I’ve created for myself, is that I’m always-on-the-go. My days are filled with traversing the city that I’m calling home at the moment – L.A. or NY – and hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop discovering culture, curating it and telling the stories of its people – like you and I.

Given that I already have sensitive skin and am super allergic to a myriad of things, its important that as a coffee consumer I drink enough water, keep my skin hydrated and find oils and scents that allow me to smell like something dainty and pretty instead of ground coffee cherries all the time.

So, when Votre Vu told me of their new café crème masque I was just a little too excited to try it. And, how about, I was even more excited when a box arrived with more than just the masque but a host of things to try. So, here’s three of my favorite things from le goodie box.


Now, when I tell you that this masque is next to edible, believe me, its next to ed-i-ble.  At first whiff, this smells like dulce de leche, but in a tube.  I did as the instructions suggested and smoothed a generous layer of it over my face and neck. Then, I was to wait for fifteen minutes before removing it.  Five minutes in, I felt an intense cooling effect. My skin felt as if every mineral was sealing itself into my pours and as it was doing so, it was whispering, “I got you.” This is a definite keeper.


For something a little more encompassing, I was intrigued with Amour D’ore. Amour D’ore is a multi-vitamin oil for face, body and hair. I have super curly hair and I love nothing more than putting nourishing oils on it that I can also put on my face and skin. Also called ‘Golden Love’ this cocktail of precious oils, includes Vitamin E and it is as it portends – glossy and glamorous. With a spritz or two – as it doesn’t take much – my skin has an immediate discernible glow carrying whiffs of tangerine in its trail. I can no longer leave the house without THIS! If you see me in the coffee shop, ask me to spritz you, I will, everyone should experience it.

spritzing after visiting El Rey New York

spritzing after visiting El Rey New York


Lastly, I’m kind of minimalist when it comes to how much makeup I actually wear. What I find most fun, is taking lip stains and balms and inverting their purpose to become blush on my cheeks. However, Votre Vu’s Lip Lustre, is a little too glossy for cheeks, which makes it perfect for the lips.  So, just a couple taps on the middle of my lips and a few ‘muah, muahs’ to even it out and Voilà I have a vitamin E, green tea extract balm moisturizing that gets to moonlight with me in between coffee shops, cortados ad the might cappuccino.

double tap, muah muah with Lip Lustre at Cafe Martin, Park Slope

double tap, muah muah with Lip Lustre at Cafe Martin, Park Slope