exCerpt:. Tasya Van Ree, The Coveteur

“I rotate between Moon Juice, Erewhon and Axe for breakfast, [while for] lunch and dinner [I rotate between] GTA and Menotti’s Coffee Shop.”


Tasya_Van_Ree- via Coveteur

Tasya_Van_Ree- via Coveteur

A woman of coffee, vintage and hats – my heart swoons!

Tasya Van Ree is the penultimate artist, in my opinion. Her Instagram feed is to-live for, her art is a cultural entity all its own and her style is literally out of this orbit. She’s the current closet on The Coveteur.


While she shares her beautiful things which includes the half a dozen things she’s reading, to her vintage hats – she’s never seen without one – a stetson included, sits among her art work,  wears her own brand die wilder, the thought of coffee isn’t left behind.

I’m so glad to know that its not only a part of her creative lifestyle, but that she likes one of my L.A. spots too – for lunch or dinner – good ole Menotti’s Coffee Stop in Venice.

Coffee for dinner, I’m so diggin’ it.  #cupUp