This Coffee Time: A Canyon Gets a Park, Theres Chicory in the WildAir, A Bell Goes Oui in Tokyo


This Coffee Time, Dec 21

1.Los Angeles, CA: The duo behind the locally roasted and locally sourced Canyon Coffee announces that they are bringing a brick and mortar to Echo Park. Taking over a corner and building that has a long history with coffee, the culture applauds this move that is an evolution and a continuation of independent coffee culture.  Parking it.

2.Santa Barbara, California | If you’re looking for a coffee sietch near the pacific ocean, after some movie watching this holiday season, Dune Coffee Roasters third shop in Goleta is now opened after a two year delay. There’s drop lights accented with pastel colors, light wood framing its counter and teal tones that bring the nearby ocean inside.  Catch the wave.

3.Manhattan, New York | Announcements at the end of the year are par for the cultural course. The donut and lunch restaurant Wildair, which serves a donut with chicory coffee as an ingredient, is being quite creative with its out of office notice. See it here. Puff Puff

4.Shimokitazawa, Japan | Longstanding Parisian staple Café Belleville is booking a flight to Tokyo to open its first international location in Shimokitazawa. There will be a café, a brulerie – that’s French for coffee roaster – and, of course the coffee which the blue corner staple in Le Quartier General is known for in France.  Oui Oui

5.San Diego, California | Its art. It’s a box. Its an installation. Coffee and Tea Collective’s Artist Series 005 features work from painter and educator Laurie Nasica and coffee producer Steven Vargas Bastos. The coffee culture collaboration is as much to be viewed as it is to be tasted. Hands on.

6.Paris, France | And beyond! Café Kitsune’s first collaboration with Native Union is here. Its color way is giving all the matcha and  oat milk vibes. Inspired by their, “specialty drink staples: Latte and Matcha,” the merch looks like it’s going to be for a great way to keep tech special.  Surprise!

7.Venice, CA | Zines and coffee go together. Venice Photo Club which slings Amigo Coffee Roasters is calling for submissions for its Q4 issue. Got photos? Design? Poetry? All that can be printed is welcomed for an entry if you live or work on the west side of Los Angeles. Deadline December 26th.