This Coffee Time: As You Are in Brooklyn, Teen Vogue’s Sub List, Verve Coffee Roasters Coastal Drift.

seven things to know this week

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1. Knock on Wood

The wood treatment at As You Are, the Ace Hotel’s latest coffee bar in its boutique hotel series is reason to pin a visit to the latest location in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. In addition to booking a hotel stay, booking it to the bakery counter for morning pastries and coffee from Brooklyn roaster SEY, is the ideal setting for a solo coffee date before taking on the world. Opens Sept 10.

2. Teen Dream

Teen Vogue covers all that’s worthy in the here, now and future of the coveted years that classify teen-dom. An article on the best coffee subscriptions tallies nine roasters whose goal is to introduce consumers to quality specialty coffee and by extension get you subscribed, also known as, hooked.

3. Tea Time

In an espresso dominant city, a tea enthusiast provides Italians with an alternative caffeine culture.  

4. To the Coast, to the Spro

Coastal coffee shops seem to be one of the destinations that Verve Coffee Roasters curates best. It welcomes its tenth location to Manhattan Beach, one of three Beach City locations in the South Bay.  With the city’s residents living in one of the wealthiest areas for land values in the nation, there’s good reason for them to now come and discuss hockey plays and movie scripts over single origin coffees and pour overs after a morning beach run.  Opens Sept. 10


5. Signed, Sealed, Happy

The husband-and-wife team behind Oregon’s Bespoken Coffee Roasters has us swimming in an idyllic state of play with their bag rebrand. The color and font friendly logo includes a smiling face, a subliminal message perhaps, that puts the joy in “enjoy” – the one word directive on the rear of their resealable bags. Keep an eye out for about this fresh move.


6. All Things to All People

Café. Bottle Shop. Provisions Store. Restaurant. Call it all of the above as the progenitors of Arkansas coffee brand Onyx Coffee Lab, open a one stop space for everything anyone could want, when the worlds of sipping and eating collide. Enter Hail Fellow Well Met, offering everything from coffee to wine with the sophistication and approachability akin to all of former endeavors.   


7. City of Angels, City of Coffee

One city, one issue, twice a year. That is the premise of Drift, a print publication that discovers the history and contemporary culture of coffee as it relates to the people and places that thread the city to a timeline of happenings. Each tome shows readers why coffee is a contender in that particular region of the world. There, is now here, Los Angeles. Drift LA is arriving on newsstands and mailboxes now. Welcome.