This Coffee Time: Coffee is Painted in the Clouds, Food and Wines’s Coffee States, All Day Mia Returns

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  1. Annual lists on where to go, what to drink and who to visit are commonplace in hospitality culture. They also are very public way to grab the attention of a greater consuming public and helps them set eyes on some of the best of the best in selective fields. Food and Wine’s 50 state mention of some of the best coffee establishments – and more peppered within the copy – that it thinks should be on your to-visit list is here.
  1. The children of Italian parents who were the founding father and mother of Mr. Espresso announce that they are opening the Caffé by Mr Espresso, a summer 2022 event that will introduce a new coffee bar in Downtown Oakland. The bar will present a nearly 45-year-old brand and its legacy of espresso and wood roasting. Stay tuned for its upcoming summer opening. Downtown


  1. Highland Park’s Civil Coffee evolves its logo to more than just a but a logo mark. With words that testify to surviving the pandemic with the heart of its community by its side and entering its doors, it remarks “we’re thrilled to announce the evolution of our brand identity as it focuses on the wordmark-CIVIL, a representation of every single individual who collectively impacted our journey, our transformation, our growth. ⁠ The all-capital CIVIL lettering in bespoke typography relays our messaging boldly and clearly: we are universal and multicultural.” Onward


  1. All Day Mia, helmed by a renowned specialty coffee barista Camila Ramos and her partner Chris Macleod – closed its doors for a pandemic break two days shy of its five-year anniversary. Now, ten months later, the all-day café and wine shop reopens officially on March 15, one week ahead of spring with concerted efforts towards creating a more sustainable workplace in the hospitality industry. There will be Our Sweetheart still on the menu, along with other classic drink creations and a food menu, worthy of anytime of the day. Mama Mia


  1. Bronco is the second album from country singer Orville Peck landing April 8th. The ballad ‘The Curse of the Blackened Eye’ is out featuring none other than a black eye and black coffee. The scene begins in a diner, with a waitress in a Tiffany blue dress, pouring coffee for guests, including the masked Peck. There’s something about diner coffee and storytelling that sets the scene for some familiar character action. The lyrics are a contemplation on life and coping the pain of loss in love and life. Un-hun


  1. The goods beyond coffee that are sold in coffee shops comes in all shapes, shirts and ceramics. Hamburg’s Tornqvist Coffee has hand produced its own line of Title V.3 Fog Ltd, gives early morning, late evening drink vibes. Hold these in your hand for when the fog rolls in or out. Merch On


  1. Coffee is in the air and the clouds. At Zurich’s Galerie Eva Presenhuber, painter Chase Hall is painting with coffee bean stain and acrylic on cotton canvas, creating works dealing with sociocultural issues including the historic role coffee and cotton have had on culture and trade.  Named, “Clouds in my Coffee” Hall brings the past present while reclaiming discarded trash into material fit for creative resource. Caught